North Carolina Community College Leadership Program (NCCCLP)

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Not only did I thoroughly enjoy participating in NCCCLP, it was an experience that further enhanced my professional growth and development as well. The participation was very insightful and provided me with tools that I continue to use as I lead teams in my current position."
  • Jerry Harper,
  • Director of College and Career Readiness
  • Edgecombe Community College
The networks that were developed were invaluable. I have turned to my colleagues on numerous occasions. The experience of having those "difficult conversations" were also very beneficial. Overall, a great experience that I would strongly recommend to anyone in a leadership role in the community college's of NC."
  • Clint Briggs,
  • Assistant Dean
  • Durham Technical Community College
The leadership program helped equip me with the tools needed to have courageous conversations, build relationships, and make a positive influence on those around me."
  • Pamela Shortt,
  • Associate Dean, Business, Engineering, and Technical Studies
  • Davidson County Community College
The North Carolina Community College Leadership Program provided me with a network of professionals throughout the community college system and the skills to attain and be successful in a leadership role in a community college."
  • Karen Less,
  • Dean, Continuing Education and Public Safety
  • Gaston College
NCCCLP was instrumental in my advancement at RCC. It was exceptional! I was impressed by the intellectually stimulating curriculum and the outstanding faculty. The program helped me take a step back and have a 360-degree overview of my leadership style, my organizational culture and the kind of mindset a leader needs to be successful."
  • Shelley Greene,
  • Director of College and Career Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Randolph Community College
My NCCCLP experience was all about self-discovery. Learning more about who I am has helped me see my strengths and weaknesses as leader. It was an experience that I will remember fondly for a long, long time."
  • Robert Rogan,
  • Chair of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Brunswick Community College
NCCCLP was a wonderful experience for me. The networking opportunities are great. The leadership techniques and theory that are learned are extremely valuable. I would recommend to anyone who is presently or is considering entering a leadership role in your organization."
  • Robert Simons,
  • VP, Administrative Services
  • Piedmont Community College
The NCCCLP provided an invaluable opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues from all over the state's community college system. The face-to-face interactions offered learning opportunities that cannot be replicated via email, Skype or telephone."
  • David Long,
  • Chair of Social Science/Humanities
  • Director of Associate in General Education Program
  • Durham Technical Community College
First, just being nominated to enroll in the NCCCLP was inspiring because when you are nominated peers and endorsed by your president it helps you to build confidence in your abilities. Also, you are inspired to live up to their expectations. :) Participating in NCCCLP will help you to learn a lot about yourself and your leadership style, as well as help you identify your leadership deficiencies and help you locate the tools you need to overcome them so that you can be a better leader. The friendships you form in NCCCLP become strong bonds that provide a network of support across the state."
  • Kim Lawing Gant,
  • Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
  • Cape Fear Community College
Each one of us needs to learn the valuable lesson that we are called to lead from wherever we are in our organization. The NCCCLP is singular in that it brings together diverse individuals who work in many different professional capacities from across the state to collectively learn from highly-qualified staff, and each other, about leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities, creating an atmosphere of unity to benefit a cause that is larger, yet no greater than, any particular participant."
  • Frank Scuiletti,
  • Academic Program Coordinator
  • NC Community College System Office
This is an excellent program! Every activity, didactic and experiential, is intentionally designed to develop leadership skills. A wealth of helpful, useful information and a network of colleagues from across the community college system are wonderful take-aways!"
  • Jean E. Middleswarth,
  • Director, Health Services programs
  • Forsyth Technical Community College
The program helped to improved my leadership skills in both my work environment and home life."
  • Betty Woodall,
  • Financial Aid Director
  • Johnston Community College
The community college leadership program was a tremendous experience for me. I had the opportunity to acquire certain leadership skills and expand upon others. Additionally, this experience serves as an opportunity to network and build connections with individuals across the community college system; this is invaluable. I am pleased I had the opportunity to participate and encourage others to do so!"
  • William Brothers,
  • Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Track Lead Instructor
  • Southwestern Community College
I love knowing that I have a network of people that I can contact at any moment with issues that arise."
  • Ashley Smith,
  • Director of Alumni Relations
  • Pitt Community College
Pat Akers, her team, and the NCCCS Leadership Program taught me to realize that becoming an effective, passionate, strong leader can be accomplished at any age and at any stage in your career. With 24 years of Community College service, my goal is not to "step up the ladder", but to help mold leaders within our organization, leaders that will continue to fuel the spirit of the North Carolina Community College System and our mission."
  • Joan Hogan,
  • Director of Records/Registration
  • Western Piedmont Community College
The leadership program gave me additional tools to be a better leader and person. I feel a positive connection to the 2012-13 cohort!"
  • Levy Brown,
  • Associate Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management
  • Brunswick Community College
NCCCLP made a significant impact in my ability to be successful in my career in the NC Community College system. I highly recommend this program to my co-workers, it is a Win for the employee, Win for the college and a Win for the customer."
  • Kim Zaccardelli,
  • Coordinator of Workforce Development and Military Programs
  • Craven Community College
I had held leadership positions of various kinds from the time I was in high school, but after NCCCLP, for the first time, I really understand my personal leadership style."
  • Jennifer Allen,
  • Implementation Director, Completion by Design
  • Davidson County Community College
NCCCLP is an outstanding program that offers an exemplary training opportunity for community college leaders. I highly recommend this for college personnel in leadership positions. This program exposed me to leadership and management tools that I continue to use. It is very educational to the processes that our community college system uses. Pat and her staff are top-notch!"
  • Scott Baker,
  • Dean of Career Technologies
  • Southwestern Community College
My program participation in 2001 - 2002 proved to be instrumental in my ability to fine tune my leadership skills and utilize them in a manner that fosters growth and achievement in those who look to me for leadership and direction. Leadership has several facets to it, and the NCCCLP helped me to effectively identify the appropriate facets to use at the appropriate time."
  • Anthony Caison,
  • Vice President for Continuing Education
  • Wake Tech Community College
The program was a very successful for me. It provided me with lots of information on leadership and most of all I came away with lifelong colleagues and friends. It expressed for me the P4=Potential, Possibilities, Provision, and Powerful benefits. The training and experiences were very beneficial.Very glad and thankful to have had this opportunity.psj."
  • Pocahontas Jones,
  • Dean of Curriculum/CAO
  • Roanoke-Chowan Community College
The N.C. Community College Leadership Program was a defining point in my career. For me, the Program was a year-long opportunity for reflection and exploration."
  • Celia Hurley,
  • VP of Institutional Advancement
  • Central Carolina Community College
The NCCCLP was insightful, intellectually challenging, and fun. I could not be the leader that I am today without having had this wonderful experience. Also, I got to know a group of wonderful Community College professionals that I now call and rely on when I have questions or need advice. I love the NCCCLP and highly recommend it."
  • Constanza Gomez-Joines,
  • Executive Director, Center for the Global Learner
  • Durham Technical Community College
Since I completed the Leadership Program, I have received 4 promotions. The skills, as well as the networking, that I received as a result of the Leadership Program have proven invaluable to me. I also have the benefit of working with other professionals at Wake Tech, as well as other System Colleges, that have completed the program. The skills they have learned as a result of the Leadership Program help all involved make decisions that directly impact students, their learning, and ultimately their success."
  • Kevin Brown,
  • Senior Dean of Student Services
  • Wake Technical Community College
The NCCCLP program helped me to recognize my own leadership strengths and challenges and the value of recognizing and working with other's strengths and challenges. I learned the practical ways to lead by influence, rather than authority, by working with others in the ways I would like others to work with me - by helping my leaders and co-workers shine, and fostering relationships that "leave a trail" for others to follow."
  • Carrie Bartek,
  • Coordinator, Compliance, Assessment and Quality Improvement
  • Wake Technical Community College

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